God saw all that he had made, and it was very good

Genesis 1:31

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.

I believe that God’s creation is perfect. I believe that when he created the world he knew that it was good and that it would fulfill his divine purpose. In the comments of one of my recent posts the following was said by a good friend of mine:

“To argue that God does anything conditioned on the actions or will of man would declare Him to be a learning and changing God.” Kenneth R. Adams

I could not agree more with this comment and I began to think about how this applies to the Lord’s perfect Creation and creations by men in general. Since I am a computer geek at heart, I began to think about a computer program. Computer programs are created for a purpose. Each line of code is carefully put together piece by piece from the beginning to the end. The program is then put to use. Unfortunately, sometimes the program does things the developers (creators) did not expect. We call these bugs or flaws. So then we must go in and edit different parts of the code to fix the bug. Once a few bugs are fixed we release a patch or a new version.

For a minute I will consider what would happen if I had the ability to make decisions outside the controlling hand of the Sovereign Lord.

When God created the Earth he believed it to be very good. However, humans began to make decisions which caused creation to do things that God didn’t expect. The Lord then realized that their were bugs in his creation and began editing particular aspects of creation to fulfill his purpose. By the end of the first year, God had released Earth Version 999999.9454.45.3.4.

This brings us back to Kenneth’s statement. If God was dependent on the actions of Man then he would have to be a learning and changing God. We know from scripture that God has a plan and this cannot be denied. He revealed different parts of his plan to his children and we call this prophesy. We have seen prophesy fulfilled many times. To believe that all this could happen while dependent on the actions of Man would mean that God would have to change his creation with each decision to ensure his plan was fulfilled. As a developer I call these patches, bugs, flaws, new features. These are all packaged into versions. I believe that God made one version and it was very good.

God Bless


One thought on “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good

  1. Right on buddy!! That really brings it from Bible times to 2006. Arthur Pink said in his book, Attributes of God, “it is impossible to bring the Almighty under obligation to the creature; God gains nothing from us.” God doesn’t need us and what we do makes Him no more and no less God, (Job 35:6-9). Some see this as a bad thing but I find it a great gift that both flaters me and humbles me at the same time. I am flattered that the God that doesn’t need me, chose me to do His divine will. I am also humbled in that when I earned eternal damnation, He gave me life and joint heirship with Him. That is cool, I don’t care who you are.


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